• A Holiday Party for the Record Books!

    Kick the annual office party and family gathering into high gear with a high-adrenaline get-together at Lehigh Valley Grand Prix. Our facilities are equipped to accommodate gatherings big and small this holiday season for a unique, fun-filled way to celebrate the holiday season. Celebrate the holidays in a fun, safe, adrenaline-filled environment with our Go! […]

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  • Golden Ticket = Free Race!

    Get A Ticket to Ride This Fall

    Fall is such a wonderful time of year. The leaves change colors, the temp drops down to that perfect balance where you can be outside and not be too hot or too cold. It’s also a perfect time for a drive. Well, throw on your favorite hoodie, hop in your car, and enjoy the drive […]

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  • Lehigh Valley’s First High Ropes Course Receives Zoning Approval

    Williams Township, PA- On February 23, 2022, the owner and operator of Lehigh Valley Grand Prix received zoning approval to develop a high ropes course through a unanimous vote by the Williams Township Zoning Hearing Board. The course will be built on a 4-acre lot located off Interstate 78 in Williams Township. Set to open […]

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  • Share the joy of adrenaline: Plan your holiday party at Grand Prix

    Tis the season to give and share good times. Do just that by hosting your holiday party at Lehigh Valley Grand Prix. Between now and the end of the year people will celebrate more than a dozen holidays. After the wild ride that’s been the pandemic, it’s the perfect time to gather friends and foes […]

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  • Let’s Make Up For Lost Time

    Covid-19 has put the world on pause for the past year and unfortunately a lot of people have had to cancel, reschedule, and postpone major events in their lives. Milestone birthdays, weddings, and bachelor and bachelorette parties have all been put on the back burner, but we have some good news… Lehigh Valley Grand Prix […]

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  • Your Inner Lumberjack is Dying to Come Out

    Are you looking for a new activity to do in Allentown Pennsylvania? If you’re searching for something more fun than just grabbing dinner with friends, you’re in luck. Here at Lehigh Valley Grand Prix we have just reopened GO!AXE to the public, and it’s better than ever. If you haven’t tried it yet GO!AXE is […]

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  • Lehigh Valley’s #1 Best Valentine’s Day Date Destination

    Are you looking to shake things up this Valentines Day? Ditch the boring dinner reservations and head to Lehigh Valley Grand Prix for an exciting night out! We guarantee it will be a date you will both remember forever! Lehigh Valley Grand Prix is a judgment free zone and will allow you to unwind and […]

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  • Teacher’s Race Free in October

    Thank you to everyone who has stepped up during these hard times throughout the past couple of months. We especially appreciate the teachers and their dedication and relentless efforts to educate our children during COVID-19. Here at Lehigh Valley Grand Prix, we want to say thank you and let you blow off some steam. So […]

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  • GO!AXE: Axe throwing now available at Lehigh Valley Grand Prix

    Here at Lehigh Valley Grand Prix we are more than excited to announce axe throwing as a new addition to our adrenaline seekers paradise. We are ready to open the doors and let everyone experience GO!AXE, the incredibly fun axe throwing activity. “Our current customers are fired up about this new addition to the facility […]

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  • Lehigh Valley Grand Prix Features Races Such as Enduro Racing

    Enduro Racing

    Enduro Racing 101 Derived from its long name “Endurance”. Enduro racing isn’t about having the fastest car. It’s the longevity game that is more about the winner than anything. This style of racing can be found in any sport that boasts 2 or more drivers/riders against each other on a track. Because of its lengthy […]

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