• ESPN Seeks Out the World’s Fastest Gamer for Simulation Driving to Test Out New Cars

    The World’s Fastest Gamer

    The World’s Fastest Gamer, aired August 25th, opened up with a really unique perspective on the racing world. The phenomenon of online racing has taken the world by storm and will have a place on ESPN. It will include a 4-part series exploring the life and trails of a professional Esports racer. World’s Fastest Gamer Drivers […]

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  • Competitive iRacing allows adolescents to experience their dream career vicariously through an online experience

    iRacing and Online Gaming Part II

    Last issue, we opened up the video gaming industry that has had tremendous growth over the last 10-15 years. This being caused by the technological advancements made in the online competitive gaming world that has grown with it. IRacing is a relatively newer platform that hosts 6 different events, that are all different types of […]

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