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The World’s Fastest Gamer

ESPN Seeks Out the World’s Fastest Gamer for Simulation Driving to Test Out New Cars

The World’s Fastest Gamer, aired August 25th, opened up with a really unique perspective on the racing world. The phenomenon of online racing has taken the world by storm and will have a place on ESPN. It will include a 4-part series exploring the life and trails of a professional Esports racer.

World’s Fastest Gamer

Drivers in the cockpit of their own F-1 vehicle are teamed together or independently. McLaren Formula 1 has teamed up with Esports to find the world’s best simulator driver. With hopes to join the McLaren team. They will be decked out in racing suits and everything. Making it as authentic as possible.

To understand what is at stake, ESPN’s Andy Hall writes, “Specifically produced for ESPN, the series will tell the story of why Millennial Esports and McLaren reached into the rapidly-growing world of Esports and Gaming to locate racing talent. From thousands of gamers racing online, 12 were chosen to be taken to the McLaren Formula 1 facility in England to compete head-to-head for a contract as McLaren’s simulator driver.” With this being the pinnacle of simulation driving, it creates opportunity for young millennial drivers. But also gives these world-renowned companies the ability to gain the greatest skilled youth driver to test drive simulated vehicles. Thus, increasing the ability to create more advanced equipment in R&D that may not be road ready.

Simulation Driving

Simulation driving is coming from the back to the front seat, taking the world and wheel by storm. Imagine simulation driving being the next big thing in the states. Creating an industry of tech savvy, simulation drivers that could save companies millions in research and development. By having skilled simulation drivers on deck, companies can work out the smallest details for all of their future vehicles to calibrate all functionality via the computer. This means they are essentially building a car from scratch and test driving all right from a simulated program. Dangerous? Genius? Weigh in and let me know your thoughts in the comment section of our Instagram post.

Tune in next month to get my take on technology and its place in the engine block of race cars. Will a battery powered motor replace the engines of today in racing? What would a world of electronic motors look like in racing? Does it have a place on the track?

Source: ESPN

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