• Driver Highlight: Junior Johnson

    In today’s blog, we are highlighting and reflecting on “The Last American Hero” Junior Johnson, aka Robert Glenn Johnson, Jr. He is credited as the first to use the drafting technique in stock car racing, and is a former NASCAR driver of the 1950s and 60s. Before retiring in 1966, Junior Johnson won 50 NASCAR […]

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  • online gaming using a nintendo switch to play mario cart racing

    Racing and Online Gaming

    Online Racing Games Since the early 2000’s online gaming has grown exponentially throughout the world with technology. It has been a catalyst for sports of all kinds to increase followers, fans, and competitive gaming amongst video game advocates. This industry coincides with any sport that warrants a profit from it. In our case, racing, whether […]

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  • What does NASCAR stand for

    What Does NASCAR Stand For?

    Everyone knows what NASCAR is, but what does it stand for? We took the time to find out and learn more about the sport itself. What Does NASCAR Stand For? National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing Racing Roots NASCAR racing is one of the most popular sports in America. NASCAR is an abbreviation for National Association for Stock Car […]

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