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Racing and Online Gaming

online gaming using a nintendo switch to play mario cart racing

Online Racing Games

Since the early 2000’s online gaming has grown exponentially throughout the world with technology. It has been a catalyst for sports of all kinds to increase followers, fans, and competitive gaming amongst video game advocates. This industry coincides with any sport that warrants a profit from it. In our case, racing, whether it be NASCAR, Indy car, Formula One, etc. Games such as Grand Turismo, Forza, Need for Speed, and others all pull from this massive industry of competitive racing.

As for go karts, it seems to get a bit of a secondary thought. This is due to the industry being smaller comparatively in size to other professional racing markets. However, one of the biggest grossing video games of all time is subsequently a go kart game, Mario Kart. As this game somewhat dwindles down the seriousness of go karting in theory, it still gives life to a sport that is truly for all fans. And more importantly, is the foundation step that most professional racers start in their journey to competitive racing.

Online Gaming Influence on Marketing

Since the birth of online gaming there are thousands of games to pull from that have influenced this industry. With driving games now being applied to smart devices you can use your phone as a steering wheel and race at a moment’s notice. This viral ability has helped our cause at LVGP because we utilize this platform to help spread our business and influence the community around us to promote our product. Equally, it is a similar platform for marketing our brand and product to advertise where we can most effectively pull in new business. This application of brand awareness has given us the ability to be just about anywhere at all times. Similarly, you can equate that to what the video game industry is doing as well. With more funds at their disposal they are on many more platforms simultaneously.

The online gaming industry is a $36 Billion-dollar industry as of 2017.  This industry has gone up %18 from the previous year. That’s a huge disparity and a great indicator that this industry is growing. But not only is it growing but it is growing in a capacity that is well beyond most other industries in the US. Playing a moderate role in the fluctuation of the GDP in this countries growth through commerce, whether through retail sales or online sales.


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