• Company Team Building Events

    This weather is great!  I have been opening the doors to the business to get all the fresh air possible.  This time of year is the most distracting of all.  When the weather warms up it is difficult to focus on work.  I can see it in the eyes of our staff. Energy levels are […]

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  • Eating contest mixed with racing!

    Lehigh Valley Grand Prix takes pride in helping organizations raise money through our fundraising events.  We are always looking for creative ways to have fun and take it to the next level.  April is Child Sexual Abuse Awareness Month and LVGP is teaming up with the RAACE Foundation to help spread the Awareness. Child Sexual […]

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  • Engage the workplace

    The Corporate environment is something that intrigues me.  How people use their resources and skill sets to get the optimal performance level out of their staff is challenging.  There is no exact formula to running a great operation.  All of the manuals, courses and training programs are great but in the end it comes down […]

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