• Lehigh Formula SAE Team

    Many may not be aware that I am a Lehigh University graduate.  I love my Mountain Hawks!  It was not until after graduation and we opened up the track that I was made aware of the Lehigh Formula SAE Team. This group of students from all different majors have one common thread and that is […]

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  • It’s raining, it’s pouring but we are still racing!

    What was an ugly winter is now turning into an ugly spring.  It appears that March could be setting record rainfall numbers for the region.  This is just another reason why we are happy to be racing under roof!! Come join us for a little indoor go karting.

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  • A New Kind of Racer

    LVGP_FaceOfFun_91609 Last night I spoke to a group of 25 boy scouts from a local troop.  Something that brings great pleasure to me is speaking to students about entrepreneurship and how that word has changed my life.  The reason for the blog today is not to dive into entrepreneurship and its meaning but to talk […]

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  • Indoor Karting; an Adrenaline Rush

    Welcome to my first Blog.  The reason I felt the need to create a blog is that there is a lot of great things going on in the indoor karting industry that simply cannot be explained through our website or posts on facebook and twitter.  To start the blog I find it necessary to explain […]

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