• Red Cross rocks the house!

    Red Cross rocked the house with a fundraiser that came down to the last lap for podium finishes!  With 11 teams competing to raise money for Haiti the Red Cross profited $6,500 and had a blast at the event.  The 3hr endurance race was filled with excitement and competitive spirit. If you organization is looking […]

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  • 12hrs of LVGP

    We have officially sold out our 12hr endurance race scheduled for March 20th-21st.  This all night race is the biggest race of the year at the facility.  The current line up includes drivers  from North Carolina, Massachusetts, Michigan, Canada, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Arizona and California. The fact that there is a following from all over North […]

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  • I hate SNOW!

    I’m going to start today by stating the fact that “I hate snow!”  We are facing what could be another historical storm in the northeast over the next 48hrs.  As I realize the inevitability that I will need to shovel through what could be  another foot of snow, there is one positive out of this.  Today […]

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  • A New Kind of Racer

    LVGP_FaceOfFun_91609 Last night I spoke to a group of 25 boy scouts from a local troop.  Something that brings great pleasure to me is speaking to students about entrepreneurship and how that word has changed my life.  The reason for the blog today is not to dive into entrepreneurship and its meaning but to talk […]

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  • The Race Name

    The Race Name is something that should be given some thought.  Little did I know that I would be referred to as “EL DIABLO” by most of my friends and colleagues.  It was a quick decision made shortly after watching the film Talladega Nights.  With that being said a Race name can stick with you […]

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  • Indoor Karting; an Adrenaline Rush

    Welcome to my first Blog.  The reason I felt the need to create a blog is that there is a lot of great things going on in the indoor karting industry that simply cannot be explained through our website or posts on facebook and twitter.  To start the blog I find it necessary to explain […]

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