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Fundraiser Events at LVGP

host your fundraiser events with Lehigh valley grand prix to raise money for your charity

Fast Paced Fundraising

Put the fun back in your fundraiser events at Lehigh Valley Grand Prix! Forget another car wash or boring bake sale, we offer unique fundraising opportunities that get the crowd pumped! We play an active role in fundraising ventures for organizations throughout the Lehigh Valley.

LVGP has partnered with multiple organizations throughout the Lehigh Valley in an effort to raise funds for charity. Some of the organizations we have worked with include:

Fun in the Fast lane

LVGP partners with The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society every year for “Laps for Leukemia” and has helped raise over $40,000! “In the past four years, this event has raised over $42,000 to support LLS’ mission. Since LVGP donates all proceeds to the event annually, 100% of those dollars goes directly to LLS’ mission” LLS Senior Campaign Manager, Pamela Formica.

Let us be a part of your fundraising efforts! You can learn more about our fundraiser events here.

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    Masks:  We are fully aware that wearing masks is a controversial topic at the moment.  In order for our business to survive we need to make all of our customers feel comfortable.  We ask that you please wear a mask or our new full face head socks while at the facility.  WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT TO SURVIVE!  Thank you so much!

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