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Squatting Exercise Basics

Squatting exercise basics for over all health and wellness improvement. Making squats a daily routine.

“Squat is the New Sexy”

A common misconception is that a bulging upper body is the way to go. This might help impress some, but unfortunately you’re only limiting yourself to a one-dimensional lifestyle. Squatting exercise is the most fundamental and basic movement that is vastly overlooked throughout society. It’s so important that your body struggles to progress and build if it’s ignored. Since the creation of the chair, squatting, posture, and overall basic body mechanics have been avoided. And what happens when over time you consistently avoid certain muscles groups or a range of motion? You lose the strength and mobility to carry the weight, or move around with ease. Society as a whole is in some real trouble because this philosophy has been on the back burner for quite some time now.

To Squat, or Not to Squat? That is the question.

If working out is a part your weekly regiment then squatting is imperative to gaining results and making substantial progress. The question should not be if you should squat or not, but rather how often and how much? If working out is a daily part then squatting should be almost as equal in some way, shape, or form. ( Squatting exercise form is another topic we will touch on towards the end)

How Low Should I Go During A Squatting Exercise?

I have seen so many different opinions on this topic. It will be a conflict with health and wellness advocates for ages. The answer is, you go as low as you’re capable of without causing compromising mechanical failure in your alignment. We would all agree that weight needs to be dispersed over your heels, nowhere else. Everyone’s joints, however, are all different due to different experiences in life and abuse put on those joints.  That being said, the capabilities of all athletes will differ until full range of motion is met. A full range of motion (standing with hips open, lowering to hips below parallel) will be the ultimate movement goal.

Form is Key

“Quality over quantity” is the conceptual way to approach squatting exercise. Form is the key to success. Stretch, work mobility, Yoga, Barre, etc. These are all ways to increase range of motion and create a successful way to reach a level of movement increasing your capacity to move heavy weight more comfortably by using the right muscle groups, not joints.

Squatting exercise is a science, a practice that must be worked on consistently like anything else. Without practicing or moving in the right pattern the body awareness will be lost. Squatting was a resting position when chairs were not a part of life. Therefore, as an evolutionary part of moving, squats and creating flexibility is a critical part to staying healthy and longevity to your life.

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