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Lehigh Valley Grand Prix Converts to “Super Karts”

Lehigh Valley Grand Prix, one of the premier indoor karting venues in the country, has converted its fleet of Sodi gas-powered karts from 6.5hp to 9hp Honda engines, upgrading them to Super Karts. This change gives customers the opportunity to race the fastest indoor concession karts in the country.

Lehigh Valley Grand Prix is now one of just two facilities on the east coast where you can drive Super Karts without having to pass prequalification standards.

We are always striving to offer the ultimate racing experience at Lehigh Valley Grand Prix and converting to Super Karts gives our customers an enhanced experience, said Michael McCreary, partner at Lehigh Valley Grand Prix. Safety was one of the main considerations when making this decision and weve determined that converting to Super Karts does not increase any safety concerns, it only adds to the entertainment value.

The new 9hp engines increase speed from 45mph to 50mph and allow drivers to generate a tremendous amount of torque coming out of turns by increasing low-end power.

Lehigh Valley Grand Prix made the decision to continue to use Sodi gas powered karts because they are the best product available on the market. Sodi is the number-one kart manufacturer in the world and their products can be found at all the major indoor karting competitions, including the Indoor Kart World Championship. These world-class gas-powered karts wont be found on an electric track.

Converting the Sodi karts, which cost $10,000 each, to Super Karts consisted of swapping out engines, changing fuel lines, configuring the throttle assembly and putting on new tires.

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