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A New Kind of Racer


Last night I spoke to a group of 25 boy scouts from a local troop.  Something that brings great pleasure to me is speaking to students about entrepreneurship and how that word has changed my life.  The reason for the blog today is not to dive into entrepreneurship and its meaning but to talk about how the world of racing may change in this country over the next decade.

At the meeting last night I asked the boys to raise their hands if they were into racing.  One boy raised his hand.  My second question was how many had participated at LVGP.  Half the room raised their hands with big smiles on their faces.

Here is a group of kids that probably couldn’t name two NASCAR drivers or a single Formula 1 driver but they all loved to race.  I would guarantee that none of these kids would have had a racing experience by the age of 15 if it hadn’t been for LVGP.

So what’s the point?  The point is that indoor karting facilities are breeding a new kind of racer.  A person that might not have grown up in racing but found it through a leisure time activity.  If LVGP has had this sort of local impact and the number of facilities in the US has doubled since 2007, what is the racing community going to look like by 2020?

~ El Diablo

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