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Unique Holiday Party Venues

Being the event planner for the company holiday party can be a challenge.  There is a lot of pressure to come through big and to make the boss and staff happy.  The safe move is to hit the nice restaurant for dinner with a couple of drinks afterwards.  It will be well received and you will have done a satisfactory job.


If you want to do something that the team will remember, you may want to investigate a unique site this year.  Indoor karting centers are the new craze for special events.  The venues are big, high energy and take care of all the details.

Lehigh Valley Grand Prix, located in Allentown, Pa offers a 1/4 mile indoor road course style track with high speed go karts designed to thrill everyone!  The facility also provides private party rooms and a full bar and grill.

Popular programs for the holidays include; Happy Hours, Fun Night out for the Staff and Client Appreciations.  The facility can work with all budgets to make it a memorable experience.  For more information contact Kristine.

Track Videos

    Let your inner lumberjack out!

    GO!AXE and OCTANE – Adrenaline Bar are open. GO!AXE is available for private party rentals or simply book a lane for you and a few friends.

    Book a “Lane” (two fence enclosed targets) at GO!AXE today!