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The Best Birthday Party Inquiry Ever!

It is amazing how independent children are these days.  Just yesterday we had an 11 year old send an email inquiry to host their birthday party with us at the track.  It is so cute to read this and both my wife and I started laughing when we read this.  Let us know your thoughts!

Hi! My name is Hannah and for my 11th birthday party i would love to have it at Leigh high valley. This isn’t a permanent decision to go here. I am inviting 13 to 15 people (including me) About how much would that cost to have a party there? Please write back and include any other info on a b-day party. ( im emailing you cause your website doesn’t tell that much)

thanks sooooo much,

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    Let your inner lumberjack out!

    GO!AXE and OCTANE – Adrenaline Bar are open. GO!AXE is available for private party rentals or simply book a lane for you and a few friends.

    Book a “Lane” (two fence enclosed targets) at GO!AXE today!