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Takin’ It Old School

Sept 12th at 11am Lehigh Valley Grand Prix opened for business with it’s 4th track layout in place.  Since changing the track for the first time 3 years ago the team has strived to keep the facility fun and entertaining while creating a new challenge for the customers.  While the previous two layouts served their purpose, there was a rumbling from the customers to bring back original layout.


The original track layout that hit the karting world in August of 2007 is back!  The layout features a long straight away with a chicane. At the end of the straight the track has a large sweeping turn that is challenging to negotiate as one tries to be smooth without compromising speed.

The large sweeping turn was what put LVGP on the map.  This challenging portion of the track became one of the more famous turns in indoor karting.  The track change came just in time for the Fall Leagues for both Adults and Juniors.  For more information on the leagues CLICK HERE.

We hope everyone enjoys the “New”/”Old” Track Layout!!

Track Videos

    Let your inner lumberjack out!

    GO!AXE and OCTANE – Adrenaline Bar are open. GO!AXE is available for private party rentals or simply book a lane for you and a few friends.

    Book a “Lane” (two fence enclosed targets) at GO!AXE today!