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NASCAR Safety Regulations

Shortly after the death of Dale Earnhardt, NASCAR decided to change their safety regulations. Safety is among the biggest concerns during NASCAR and stock car racing. NASCAR continues to evolved its safety regulations and car design to keep their drivers and crew members safe.

NASCAR Safety Regulations

  • Car of Tomorrow, which features a reinforced roll cage. The roof is 4 inches higher and 2 inches wider allowing extra safety when rolling occurs during a crash.
  • HANS (head and neck support) device. Keeps the head from whipping forward or backward in a crash. This device allows the driver to move their head normally while driving but restricts extensive movement during a crash.
  • Racing suit – NASCAR drivers are required to wear a fire-retardant suit, underwear, shoes and gloves.
  • Helmet – the helmet protects the driver from injuries, it also has hook ups to radio for communication with the crew members and also has visors to block the sun’s glare.
  • Seats – carbon fiber seats absorb more energy from an impact. The NASCAR driver’s seats also wrap about their rib cage and shoulders to provide extra support.
  • Seat belts – NASCAR drivers use a harness, which has two straps over the shoulders, two straps around the waist and two between the legs.
  • Window nets – to protect the driver from flying debris, the drivers are also instructed to lower the window net after a crash to signify they are uninjured.
  • Restrictor plate – limits the power of racing to provide equal level of competition in a race.
  • Barriers – safety barriers are installed along the walls of the track – these walls absorb impact better than concrete walls of a track.
  • Roof flaps – keep the car from getting airborne and possibly flipping on the track.

Not only are there NASCAR safety regulations for the NASCAR drivers, but also for the pit road members. Members and workers of pit road are required to wear helmets, full fire suits, and gloves.

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