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High Speed Bachelor Parties

When it comes to parties, Lehigh Valley Grand Prix is the place to go!  Go kart racing is a great activity for any party – but it is especially perfect for Bachelor Parties!  We offer a competitive atmosphere, built in fun, delicious food and a great bar atmosphere that everyone will love.  Why not usher your friend off to married life in style with  high speed bachelor parties at Lehigh Valley Grand Prix!

What group of guys doesn’t like a little friendly competition?  Our bachelor parties offer so much more than your typical bachelor party at a bar.  Spend your time on the track trying to one-up the groom-to-be, or watch from the bar while enjoying our great selection of beer and cocktails.  Whether you are racing or cheering on your friends, the high-octane environment is sure to get your adrenaline pumping.

Go Kart racing isn’t for the faint of heart! Lehigh Valley Grand Prix go-karts can exceed 45mph during your race and our new track features a 300-foot straightaway that will challenge you to pass your friends at high speeds.   After completing each race, you and your group will get a printout with the statistics from your race and a champion will be crowned. Bragging rights for the evening will go to the winner.

Lehigh Valley Grand Prix offers several different packages for bachelor parties, including one that ends with an official awards ceremony and another that comes with a free alcoholic beverage for the groom. Bachelor party packages start at $50 per guest with a minimum of eight people to a group.   We can accommodate groups of all sizes!  We encourage you to book two to four weeks in advance to secure the date and time you need, but last-minute bachelor parties are possible, so be sure to call us to discuss.

We are a safe one-stop destination for a great bachelor party everyone will love.  Grab some great food and drinks at our very own Octane Adrenaline Bar, located inside the building. However, per our policy, alcoholic drinks must be consumed after the racing is finished — no drinking and driving on our watch!

To schedule bachelor parties at Lehigh Valley Grand Prix contact Ryan Suchon by phone at 1.610.432.7223 or by email at

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