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Go Kart Racing Tips

Everyone turns into competitor when they get behind the wheel of a go kart.  The kindest and gentlest of souls become fiercely competitive once they put on a helmet and hit the track.  While racing is a mix of skill, luck and strategy, here are some basic go kart racing tips to help you increase your chances of winning your next go kart competition at Lehigh Valley Grand Prix:

  1. The most important go kart racing tip to remember is safety. The basics of go kart safety are simple:  know the rules; don’t drink and drive; gear up properly; be aware.  Don’t ruin a fun night at the track for yourself and others around you needlessly by not being safe.
  2. Posture is important – sit correctly with your back up against the seat. Don’t lean forward because it can actually slow you down.  Mirror your hand grip – placing your hands in the 10 and 2 position or something similar will give you greater control.  Lifting up slightly in your seat around the curves can aid in acceleration.
  3. Consistency is key – Consistent driving wins the race very time. Be careful not to drive erratically, steer smoothly and don’t swerve. Don’t hit barriers – or opponents.  And remember – don’t apply your brake and your gas at the same time.  Stay straight as long as you can, drive in wide lines around the track, and follow faster drivers and duplicate what they are doing for the best success.
  4. Master the curve –Decelerate around curves – entering turns slowly will give you greater control. Once you reach the apex of the turn you can exit fast – this will maintain your momentum.  Don’t allow your kart to slide – tire grip is important especially on both of your front tires, so pay close attention to when you feel your tires loose grip.  A little back tire slide on turns is ok, but too much will cause you to lose control and waste time.
  5. Direct the cart with your eyes – remember, where you look is where you go. Look ahead at the next curve, and plot your approach.  Don’t focus only on the section of the track you are currently driving.

Winning a go kart race is not just about luck.   Follow these recommendations the next time you race at Lehigh Valley Grand Prix, and your buddies will be eating your dust and toasting to your success!

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