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Go Kart Racing for Kids

Do your kids spend hours behind their television or computer screen on social media or texting their friends?  Do they enjoy playing racing games like Mario Kart on their Playstation or Xbox?  Get them up off the couch and doing some physical activity with a day of real live go kart racing for kids at Lehigh Valley Grand Prix!

Go kart racing for kids at the Lehigh Valley Grand Prix is safe fun for kids age 8 and older.  Our Sodi Kid Karts are designed with all of the safety features of the adult karts, and feature 5.5 hp Honda engines. They offer plenty of speed and excitement for kids who are planning to join a league, host a birthday party, or simply race against a few friends.  The size of the karts is designed for optimum performance for kids, and are ideal for their lighter weight, smaller frames and shorter legs.  Kid carts allow kids to race against one another for a more even match on the track.

Unfortunately, we cannot allow adult go karts and kid go karts on the track at the same time, but for those instances where there aren’t other kids to race against, or your kids don’t want to drive on their own, we offer 2 seater go karts.  Primary drivers must be qualified to drive adult karts, and passengers must be at least 48 inches tall.  Two seater karts feature two adjustable steering wheels to give the passenger an option to steer, and a brake pedal that slides to allow the passenger to use the brake.  Our 2 Seater karts are only available Monday through Friday and are not available during our Monday Madness special from 5:30pm – 10pm.

If your kids loved their racing experience, consider hosting a go kart racing birthday party at the Lehigh Valley Grand Prix.  A high energy, fast paced go-kart party is just the right party for pre-teens and teens looking for high octane fun, and a birthday party at Lehigh Valley Grand Prix will make them the coolest kid on the block!  Or if your kids just can’t get enough go kart racing, sign them up for our kid go kart racing leagues!  Jungo-kart-racing-for-kidsior Leagues are held on Saturday mornings and are available for children ages 10 to 15.

Go kart racing for kids offers kids a chance to experience real racing action, have fun, make friends, and learn strategy and teamwork.  Bring them to the Lehigh Valley Grand Prix for some fast paced fun they won’t forget!

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