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The Best Kart on the Market

The Best Kart on the Market Race at Indoor Go Kart Racing Allentown Pennsylvania


This month’s blog will address go kart brands that are on the market today. There are a lot of manufacturers that make go karts. However, not all karts are built the same. Last month we discussed that fastest go kart built to date, by Daymak, that can go 0-60 in 1.5 seconds. For the rest of us that can’t afford a $60,000 go kart.

The Go Kart of Choice

The go kart of choice by Lehigh Valley Grand Prix are SodiKart racing go karts. Their karts have shown superior handling, maneuverability, braking, and acceleration that a lot of manufacturers just don’t have with the racing karts to date. Sodikart, is the top of its class, and the brand I go to for LVGP’s karts, parts, and accessories. Sodi’s new 2018 line is quite impressive. Boasting 5 models that are significantly outperforming the competition. These models are:

  • Sigma KZ 2018
  • Delta
  • Sigma DD2 2018
  • Sigma RS3
  • Experia

These 5 karts outperform most mass-produced racing karts and have a durability that I have come to appreciate through wear and tear of year after year abuse. With consistent maintenance and regular checks that my experienced staff performs on a regular basis, these machines are constantly running at the top of their level. As with most mechanized go karts, one of the biggest expenses I incur is the need to purchase new equipment. Sodi doesn’t give me that problem, and I depend on their superior quality to help my business run day in and day out.

SodiKart is the world leader in the karting industry. With their constant technological advancements and development. They are always pushing the boundary of future kart design. Just wait and see what they come up with in the next few years. Their R&D program I’m sure going to develop some really cool stuff in the near future.

Source: SodiKart

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