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Visiting Charlotte

Taking a trip down to Charlotte N.C. for the 12hrs of Victory Lane is a great excuse to check out one of the countries most infamous race town.  Yesterday we were able to take advantage of visiting the NASCAR Hall of Fame.

When we first pulled up in front of the museum it made an incredible first impression.  The building is designed with a unique architectural layout and there is a very large screen showing racing footage and really cool clips.

From the moment you walk into the NASCAR Hall of Fame the experience takes you to a new appreciation of the sport and the people who made the sport what it is today.  The staff at the museum was eager to greet and always looking to deliver on a great customer experience.

The main showroom has the feel of being in a race track with vinyl graphics of fans cheering in the stands and a ramp that flows around the perimeter of the building that is angled with different wall degrees to demonstrate the on track experience.  Cars spanning over the history of racing line the track and have descriptions of their place in history.

Once you reach the top of the ramp you go into a room that is dedicated to some of racing’s greats.  They had a Bill France Jr desk, Richard Petty Car, Dale Earnhardt car and some of their gear.

My personal favorite part of the museum was the pit crew challenge.  A station was set up to do tire changes.  The station was timed and designed so you could compete against a friend.  Of course I was victorious 😉

Overall, the museum was very well done.  It was disappointing to see a building that obviously cost the city a tremendous amount of money and energy to have weak traffic.  During our visit the city is hosting the ACC Football Championship Game so I thought there would have been a lot more people roaming the museum.

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