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Track Record Goes Down

The track is fast and the karts are performing at a high level.  On November 22nd Carter Fartuch beat the track record that held been held by Mike Bednar aka “Slowski,” with a time of 29.944.  Mike had held that record for nearly 2 years.  7 days later Andrew Pettijohn took Carter’s record down posting a 29.942.

This past Wednesday night December 2nd Mike Bednar came back to prove he is still the man to beat at LVGP.  After a competitive night of leagues Mike jumped on the track and posted a 29.740!

The evening gave a great deal of momentum for the drivers heading down the Charlotte to make their mark on the indoor karting scene at the 12hrs of Victory Lane.  Be sure to check Racer X’s facebook for live feeds, interviews and updates of the event taking place Sunday, December 5th.

Track Videos