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The Race Name

The Race Name is something that should be given some thought.  Little did I know that I would be referred to as “EL DIABLO” by most of my friends and colleagues.  It was a quick decision made shortly after watching the film Talladega Nights.  With that being said a Race name can stick with you beyond the walls of the facility.  Whether you are shopping at the mall or walking down the hallway at the office.  That race name can come back to haunt you!

Part of the thrill of racing is the time sheet.  Everyone is hitting the race track to try and cut that tenth of a second from their best time.  To make the list of the top 50 times of the month is something that is truly special.  The fact that everyone who races analyzes that time sheet means that if you make the list, your name is going to be seen.

Remember that when you choose your race name.  Some have regretted their choices while others are proud of their creative decision making skills!  I am leaving you with this one word of advice.  “If you let your friends choose your race name for you, you are playing with fire.”

~EL Diablo

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