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Team 333 & HGR take Top Honors at LVGP500

The Daytona 500 signifies the start of the racing season.  It is always an exciting time of year for the racing community.  To celebrate, Lehigh Valley Grand Prix started the LVGP500 4 years ago.  This exciting race is a 500 lap endurance race the morning of the Daytona 500.  After the race, participants and spectators gather at the facilities bar for a Viewing Party of the NASCAR race.

The 4th Annual LVGP500 proved to be another great time and another great race!  10 teams competed this year and the field was extremely competitive.  The field was separated into a Pro Class & Amateur Class for a fun competitive race for all abilities.



Final Results:

Pro Class

1.  Team 333 (Kevin Bligan, Carl Bligan, Jon Updegrove), 2.  F1 New Jersey Karting (Carter Fartuch, Jeremey Doll, Billy Ogle)  3.  Highline (Nic Varec, Fred Heinly, Dylan Castro)  4.  Masters of disaster (Jason Frankenfield, Joey Brey, Jessica Brey, Josh Patterson)  5.  Delinquents (Zack Dunn, Jase Smith, Noah Kreitzer, Brenna Schubert)  6.  Dusty Heathens (Darren Newport, Tony Roth, Jim Wilkie)

Amateur Class

1.  HGR (Scott Adams, Rich Demarco, Rich Emel, JP Curry)  2.  Sibum Auto Parts (Max Sibum, Herman Sibum, Tom Meyer)  3.  Vomit Commet Racing (Bryan Hiberman, Nick Baliostis, Peter Bank, Rich Young)  4.  Screw Loose Racing (Lou Montella, Mike Curnell, Alex Bucher, Dave Curnell)

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