You'll be calling yourself "The Intimidator" after a few laps in these bad boys.

New Lehigh Valley Grand Prix Sodi Karts!


At Lehigh Valley Grand Prix, SPEED and SAFETY are the most important aspects of the racing experience.  Our gas-powered karts can tear up a straight-away at speeds of up to 50 mph.  More importantly, they are designed with safety features such as a roll bar, 3 point safety belt, and an impact resistant bumper system.  All drivers are also equipped with a full-face helmet and a neck brace to ensure their protection.

LVGP uses Sodi competition karts, the number one indoor kart manufacturer in the world.  Our GT5 Proline karts have very sensitive steering and responsive handling, which is ideal for experienced drivers.  Adult karts feature 9 hp Honda engines and have been hand-crafted for Lehigh Valley Grand Prix.  Minimum age: 15 years old.

As an optimized version of the SODI GT4, the SODI GT5 is certainly the most successful and effective rental kart on the market for both indoor and outdoor Karting. A new design of understated and rare elegance, reliability guaranteed by technical solutions tested on tracks all over the world, and ideal ergonomics and weight distribution give the SODI GT5 a unique competitive edge. In addition to providing an out-of-this-world driving experience, with the adoption of the new HEAD System (a patented high energy absorption system which offers levels of security and comfort that had been previously unattainable in rental karts), the superb base entirely covering the tank (protecting the driver’s legs) and its patented pedals that are fully adjustable in ultra-quick time, the SODI GT5 includes all the elements of an exceptional kart.

For children ages 8-14, LVGP provides Sodi Kid Karts.  Designed with all of the safety features of the adult karts, the kid karts feature 5.5 hp Honda engines.  They offer plenty of speed and excitement for kids who are planning to join a league, host a birthday party, or simply race against a few friends.  Minimum age: 8 years old.



Intimidated to drive yourself? Looking for someone to show you the driving line? Have a handicap that prevented you from driving? The new 2 Seater Go Kart allows the racing experience to be shared!!!

The kart will be available for use Monday through Friday. It will not be available during Monday Madness from 5:30pm-10pm. All primary drivers must be qualified for the adult karts. Passengers must be 48 inches in height. The two seater will only be operated during adult heats on the track.

Cool Features…..

1. Two steering wheels enable the passenger to steer
2. Brake pedal slide enables passenger to use the brake
3. Adjustable steering wheel for ease of use for shorter drivers

Cost: $5 for passenger and adult race purchase for primary driver

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