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Race of Champions 2013

A picture says a thousand words!  Thank you to all the driver’s who came out to participate in the 1st Annual Race of Champions hosted by Lehigh Valley Grand Prix & Raceseng!

2013 Participants:

Kris Gruber, TJ Gursky, Jimmy Zacharias, Alexander Kihurani, Arnold Hastings, Jeremy Miller, John O’Reilly, Michael Cosgrove, Brad Eroh, Spencer Anderson, Ryan Higgs, Darren Leonard, Alan Brentzel, Pete McIntosh, TJ Zacharias, Anthony Marianelli, Moe Khan, Stephen Kurey, Robert Casella, Dan Savage, Trevor Kobylarz, Zephyr Belski, Bob Wagner, Stephanie Belski, Chad Kohler, John Palmer, Brian Casella, Earl Paules, Shane Lewis, Marc Cantor, Al Abbatiello, Mark Forenbaher, Tom Kohler, Matt Hirschman.

Top 3 Finishers

1.  Sean Curran  2.  Zane Zeiner  3.  Robert Casella

Track Videos