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NASCAR Hall of Fame facing reality

The racing world has been feeling the economy according to an article by David Newman from ESPN.  The original business model for the NASCAR Hall of Fame made estimates of nearly 800,000 visitors this year.  With real numbers coming in, it has show that people are not traveling as they had anticipated.  The museum is now expecting just over 250,000 visitors.

The museum is just one example of a trend throughout racing.  Venues such as Dover Downs and other tracks have seen a decrease in traffic throughout the country.  Race teams are having issues securing sponsorships and current sponsors have been pulling out.

The indoor karting environment has seen new venues open and long time facilities closing their doors.  All I can say is that we are very fortunate to have such a loyal customer base.  We know that our visitors are dipping into their discretionary spending dollars and the fact that they have chosen us means the world to our organization. 

I find the key to success through these times is to invest in your product, deliver on a memorable experience, and to have fun with your customers.

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