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Get ready to rock out for the final NASCAR race of the season at Lehigh Valley Grand Prix!  Pocono Raceway, WZZO, Archery Addictions and Octane-adrenaline bar are going teaming up to deliver a crazy event!!  Octane-adrenaline bar located at Lehigh Valley Grand Prix will be hosting the event, showing the NASCAR Race on it’s 5-42″ televisions and broadcasting the race over the sound system.

Unless, you are sitting in the stands there will be no better place to watch the race!!

The event is FREE to attend!!  The sponors will be giving away all kinds of great stuff including, T-SHIRTS, POCONO RACEWAY RACE TICKETS, CONCERT TICKETS & MORE!!!  Oh yea, did we mention?….Pocono is bringing their PACE CAR!

The track at Lehigh Valley Grand Prix will be open all day for racing.  Bring your friends & family out for a great day to celebrate the final race of the NASCAR season!

Party starts at 1pm on Nov 18th and goes until the checkered flag!!

Track Videos