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Kids tear it up at Summer clinic!!

The kids tore it up last week in Lehigh Valley Grand Prix’s Summer Driving Clinic.  The Clinic was developed to teach the participants the basic concepts of racing as well as the mechanics of the vehicles.  The team at LVGP used videos, classroom instruction as well as track time to develop these skills.  Every child who participated dropped at least

Here is a breakdown of the program:

Day 1

  • Proper safety equipment
  • Proper body position and adjustments on the kart
  • The Racing Line
  • Sportsmanship and track safety

Day 2

  • Techniques for using the gas and brake
  • Techniques for passing
  • Experienced how to race in position races
  • Mechanics of the go kart

Day 3

  • Le Mans starts
  • Endurance Racing Formats
  • Adjustments on Go Karts
  • Performed an endurance race
  • Awards

It was a fantastic experience for the staff at LVGP to work with the kids.  Jianni Koburi, Alex Mack, Ryan Suchon and Heather Walke lead the group and had an absolute blast watching the kids grow as Racers and as People.  We would like to Thank all of the parents that made it possible for their chidden to participate!!

Check out the Improvement from Day 1 to Day 3 from all our drivers!!

  • Ryan Baxter; improved 1.802 sec, Best Lap 29.79
  • Cole Wasilow; improved 2.165 sec, Best Lap 30.046
  • Joshua Mininger; improved 2.906 sec, Best Lap 30.423
  • Erica Bober; improved 1.329 sec, Best Lap 30.434
  • Josh Sullivan; improved 3.547 sec, Best Lap 30.157
  • Aidan Johnson; improved 2.294 sec, Best Lap 28.878
  • Alex Trask; improved 6.623 sec, Best Lap 33.712
  • Matthew Wendling; improved 5.826 sec, Best Lap 30.506
  • Jack Kimmel; improved 7.64 sec, Best Lap 36.544
  • Cedric Tabban; improved 11.109 sec, Best Lap 37.155
  • Alex Cudd; improved 3.422 sec, Best Lap 34.598
  • Dante Quarato; improved 5.38 sec, Best Lap 34.598
  • Ky-Shawn Morris-aitken; improved 1.988 sec, Best Lap 33.294
  • Adam Lachenmayr; improved 4.478 sec, , Best Lap 30.569

The next round of Jr. Leagues will be held the first Saturday in October.  For registration or details contact Ryan Suchon. 

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