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Joey Brey & Joshua Wentling Win Jr. Fall League

It was another exciting round of leagues at Lehigh Valley Grand Prix.  As usual the kids laid down some scary fast times this fall.  It was an extremely competitive group with many familiar faces and some new faces as well.

The final week was bitter sweet as we celebrated the victories of our competitors but also said good bye to Jeff Shuey, one of the managers at LVGP.  Jeff had been with the company for over 3 years and had established special relationships with many of the Junior League Competitors.

It is always fun to see the participants grow as Racer’s and as People every season!  Thank you to all of our drivers and their parents for making it another great Junior League!!

The next round of leagues start on January 11th.  For more information contact Ryan Suchon at  Check out the slide show for the final results and pics from the final week!

League A Results:

1.  Joey Brey 6,173pts. 2.  Jessica Brey 5,336pts.  3.  Zack Dunn 5,139pts.  4.  Tommy Kleppinger 4,882pts.  5.  Kaylnn Stroble 4,432pts.  6.  Cole Wilkinson 3,785pts.  7.  Brenna Schubert 3,644pts.  8.  Jase Smith 3,557pts.  9.  Noah Kreitzer 2,645pts.

League B Results:

1.  Joshua Wentling 7,252pts.  2.  Joshua Barry 5,673pts.  3.  Ryan Baxter 5,365pts.  4.  Phillip Snyder 4,415pts.  5.  Ty Wilkinson 4,324pts.  6.  Julian Sahaydak 4,080pts.

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