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Indoor Karting; an Adrenaline Rush

Welcome to my first Blog.  The reason I felt the need to create a blog is that there is a lot of great things going on in the indoor karting industry that simply cannot be explained through our website or posts on facebook and twitter.  To start the blog I find it necessary to explain the industry and facilities.

Indoor karting?

I’m sure your first thought of indoor karting is a dirty warehouse of tires with beat up vehicles going around in a circle with fumes that are so thick you can barely breathe.  If that is the case you might be a little surprised.  The indoor karting scene has brought a new thought process and a new attitude to racing.  These European inspired state of the art facilities are not the 8-10mph go carts you find at the beach. The average facility contains a ¼ mile road course style track hosting karts reaching speeds of up to 45mph.  Along with the track many facilities have conference rooms, party rooms, arcades and gathering space to accommodate corporate teambuilding, birthday parties, charity functions and more. The average facility is around 50,000 sqft.  Some of the larger facilities can reach up to 200,000 sqft.   Your average super market is 30,000 sqft to give you an idea of the size of these spaces.

What makes indoor karting unique is the entertainment value.  The industry offers high speed thrills of the open wheel racing experience with safe environment for all to enjoy.  The facilities use state of the art timing systems to track racing results and offer up bragging rights!  Where racing use to consist of extreme costs in buying vehicles and equipment it is now at your finger tips at roughly $20 a race!

I’m not a racer.  Why would I want to go?

Indoor karting is not just a racing venue.  Because of the low barrier to entry it serves many purposes.  Along with the competition aspect there is also a consumer and corporate driven side to the industry.  What these venues try to accomplish is a POSITIVE ADRENALINE EXPERIENCE.  What that means is they  are looking to pump you up with some high speed fun!

Attached are some great links if you are interested in seeing more information about the industry.

Track Videos