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How do I get to LVGP?

Directions can be found here.

What is a “race” at LVGP?

Standard Race: A standard race at LVGP is approximately 3 miles of racing.  Our track is a ¼ mile road course with over 10 turns.  Each race is timed at 8-minutes and the average customer races 10-12 laps during the allotted time.  Each lap is timed to the thousandth of a second and all racers receive a detailed time sheet after the race.  The racer with the single fastest lap time wins the race.  Maximum of 12 racers on the track at once.

Team Enduro: The team enduro is a relay race based on position, rather than lap time (similar to NASCAR).  The team enduro is usually comprised of 8-10 teams that race a specific number of laps or time.  Each team member races a portion of the race, and then returns for a “pit exchange” to switch out drivers.  The first team to cross the finish line wins!  Maximum of 10 racers on the track at once.

The “Enduro” is run by our LVGP Team Builder, who shows the teams how to work together towards a common goal and emphasizes the excitement of the event.

*Ask Sales Associate for Team Enduro pricing and scheduling.

Can anyone race at LVGP?

The track is open to the general public 7 days/week.  However, corporate events, leagues and other special events are sometimes held at the track.  If we are not open to the public during a specific time, it will be posted on our Calendar.

The minimum age to race at LVGP is 8 years old.  Proof of age is required.  Anyone under the age of 18 must have a parent/guardian present to sign a waiver.

Can I race with my child?

Unfortunately, insurance does not permit junior karts and adult karts on the track at the same time.  If your child is under the age of 15 they must race in a junior heat.  If any junior racers reach a single lap time of 34.00 sec (recently changed with new track layout.  Juniors that have already qualified are grandfathered in and do not need to qualify again unless they have not visited the facility for over 1 year.) or faster they are permitted to graduate to an adult kart.

What should I wear?

The track is ventilated, so the temperature on the track is similar to the track outside (this is the price we pay for gas-powered karts).  In the summer, it is very warm on the track.  In the winter, it is much cooler.  Be sure to wear closed-toe shoes (no sandals or high heels allowed)!

Can I bring my own equipment?

LVGP provides helmets and neck braces for all racers.  Customers are allowed to bring their own helmet, as long as it has a full-face shield.  All customers must drive the karts provided by LVGP.  No outside vehicles are allowed.

Can I make reservations?

Once you have purchased a license at LVGP, you can call ahead to reserve races for groups of 8 or more.  All reservations must be paid over-the-phone with a credit card and are non-refundable.  Racers must arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the scheduled race to be sure they do not miss their heat.  Racers are to report to the front desk upon arrival.  Do not miss your reservation!!  Missed races are non-refundable.

What are the benefits of organizing an event?

Reserved Racing: When you hold an event at LVGP, your races are reserved exclusively for your group.

Complimentary Room Rental: Enjoy the privacy of either our Party Room or Conference Room for the duration of your race time.  The Conference Room at LVGP is equipped with full audio-visual capability and is the ideal setting for presentations and business meetings.  The Party Room offers a more exciting atmosphere, with additional seating and a track-side viewing area.

Catering: Choose from a variety of catering options, as listed on the LVGP Catering Menu.

FREE Membership: Non-license holders get a FREE Annual License!  Includes Birthday race not to be used with event.
Extra Amenities: Party decorations, Trophies, T-shirts, Limousine service and more…

How are events priced?

Group Rate: For groups of 8-25 people, we use per-head pricing.  Each participant receives a specific number of races and access to either the party room or conference room.  Catering and extra amenities can also be added to the price.  Races are reserved.  The general public will not be mixed with the party races.  However, public races will take place between party races.  Extra races may be added at additional cost.  Pizza and soda may be replaced with another catering option at additional cost.  Free License included for non-license holders.

Track Rental: Groups of 25 or more people are considered “track rental” parties.  Any groups that are looking for exclusive use of the facility would also fall under this category.  The event price is based on an hourly rate.  Participants receive unlimited racing during the time allotted and can choose from a variety of racing formats.  Participants also have access to both the party room and the conference room.  Catering and extra amenities can also be added to the track rental price.  The facility is closed to the general public during track rentals.  Free license included for non-license holders.

Contact Kristine McCreary at kristine@nulllehighvalleygrandprix.com for more info about events.

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