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Black Friday in October??

I don’t know about you but I start my Holiday shopping around Dec 24th at 5pm.  The thought of starting before Halloween is just crazy!  With a change in the spending habits of consumers many retailers are starting their Black Friday sales before Halloween this year!  Based on a news story on MSNBC 44% of consumers have already started their holiday shopping.

To think of people decorating their store fronts with holiday themes this early is disturbing.  I love the holidays as much as anyone, but the excitement and joy seems to fade if I am looking at these decorations for 3 months!  Could you image the crazy family that lights up everything on their home including the lawn trying to pay the electric bill for 3 months…I hope it does not come to that.

Obviously, I am not part of that 44% but I know a deal when I see one.  Look out for LVGP’s Black Friday sale.  It is our biggest blowout sale of the year.  Be sure to check back to the website for details!

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