More like fundRACING! LVGP puts the fun in fundraising.

Let’s Raise Some Money!

What are you doing to differentiate your fundraising efforts?  Looking to do another golf event or charity walk?  Your organization needs to stick out in the competitive industry of raising funds.  LVGP can help.  What is more exciting and competitive than racing?  LVGP plays an active role in fundraising efforts for organizations throughout the Lehigh Valley.  No matter how big or small your fundraising goals are, we have a plan that can help you succeed.

We have some great products that can really help raise money for your cause.

Customer Testimonial

Thank you so much for the first “Race for Autism” event that took place on Sunday, April 5,2009. We really appreciate all the efforts everyone at Lehigh Valley Grand Prix did to make the event so successful. We did not know what to expect, and raising over $3,500 was amazing!

I was so impressed with the facility and staff at your organization. I knew it was in a converted warehouse, but I did not expect it to be so bright, open, and airy. Obviously, a great deal of thought went into the design of the site and it was really nice. It was great to be able to view the racing close to the track, but also go inside the party room to take a break from the noise.

Everyone there seemed to be having a really good time.  I would recommend Lehigh Valley Grand Prix wholeheartedly to other charities and organizations and might have to look into creating my own team for next year’s race. I look forward to working with you again in the future. Please pass on my appreciation to everyone who helped with our event.

~Sheri Miltenberger, President of Autism Society of America

Thank you again!

LVGP proved to be the perfect venue for our annual benefit event. They were extremely supportive & accommodating, which allowed us to focus on our cause and our guests. The smile-filled faces and money we raised far exceeded our expectations… everyone is looking forward to next year already!!

Darci Niszczak, Beyond Labels and Limitations

“Our event at LVGP was a complete success and proved to be incredibly simple to organize and run. The LVGP staff was wonderful to work with in all stages of the event. We are already planning our fund raising event for next year! Thank you LVGP! Tackle ALS Foundation Inc.”

JARRETT SENG | creative director

RACESENG : motorsports performance and lifestyle

For more information about fundraising with LVGP, please contact Kristine McCreary at 610-432-7223 ext 1001 or by email:

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