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Indoor Karting??

It is not surprising that many people have no idea what indoor karting is all about.  Unless you grew up in a familyof racers or race enthusiasts you probally have little knowledge if anything about the racing world.  Growing up for many the experience of racing was the go-karts that you would find in resort towns or at the beach. 

The experience was simple beat and bang on each other while cruising around a track at 5mph.  Afterwards it would be an argument over who actually won the race.  Sound familiar?

The european style indoor karting tracks are a much more sophisticated model which is targeted at offering everyday customers a true racing experience.  The true racing experience of the past involved buying a vehicle that would cost thousands of dollars, a trailer, and a tremendous amount of time for travel and repairs, not to mention the knowledge to work on the vehicle. 

This opens up a tremendous opportunity.  Indoor karting offers year round true racing experience, at a greatly reduced cost, and there is no previous racing knowledge required!

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