On your mark, get set, RACE!

A standard race at LVGP is approximately 3 miles of racing. Our track is a ¼ mile road course with over 10 turns. Each race is timed at 8-minutes and the average customer races 10-12 laps during the allotted time. Each lap is timed to the thousandth of a second and all racers receive a detailed time sheet after the race. The racer with the single fastest lap time wins the race. There are a maximum of 12 racers on the track at once.

NOW THE RACING EXPERIENCE ISN’T OVER WHEN YOU STEP OUT THE DOOR!  LVGP’s new software enables you to receive emails of your race results, link your facebook status up for live posts to your facebook page as well as the ability to visit the website to see your race history and results!  Check out the Racer’s Corner for updated results and standings!

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