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Gearing up for the Holidays!

The holidays seem to start earlier and earlier every year!  Christmas decorations are going up before Thanksgiving?  Black Friday starts on Thursday?  The holiday shopping madness has become so competitive that you need a full set of football pads to participate or a 2010 SNELL Rated Helmet!

At LVGP we have stuck to our guns.  We are proud to say our employees were able to enjoy the holidays with their families and our Christmas decorations went up after Thanksgiving.  The team here is extremely excited to host all of our customers for the holiday parties and family fun, over the next few weeks.  It is always an exciting atmosphere at LVGP this time of year.

Don’t forget that the gift of adrenaline is the most exciting gift you can give this holiday season!!

Check out some photos as we started our holiday decorations!

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