Ad Partners

Ever consider a strategic marketing alliance? See what we have to offer!

Lehigh Valley Grand Prix takes pride in forming lasting partnerships with local businesses. Come advertise with us and gain exposure to LVGP customers from across the region. Our form of racing is the fastest growing sport in Motorsports. By partnering with us, you will have a banner hanging on our walls that is seen by every customer, as well as a link on our website. Furthermore, you will gain free access to our conference room and have the opportunity to offer free races to your employees and clients each month. With 6 or 12-month contracts available, any business can find a suitable package.

With a 74% loyalty factor, Motorsports, the fastest growing sport, has the highest sponsor visibility.

You Can:

  • Enhance branding and corporate image
  • Generate increased sales of any product you produce
  • Build stronger relations with clients, vendors and employees
  • Access new markets and clients previously unreachable
  • Increase employee relations – encourage company pride & loyalty

The Indy 500 Package includes a kart sponsorship! Customized company stickers can be placed on any one of our karts. During group events, your company’s name will be announced with the kart as it circles the track.

Indy 500 Package$500 / month

  • 15 free race heats per month
  • Kart Sponsorship
  • 5′ x 10′ Space for Vinyl Sign
  • Website Link – Homepage visibility
  • Free use of Conference Room

Pocono Package$250 / month

  • 10 free race heats per month
  • 5′ x 10′ Space for Vinyl Sign
  • Website Link
  • Free use of Conference Room

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